How to get the vintage hair look

Take inspiration from Gloria Swanson's s finger wave curls and you can transform the look of sea- or swimming pool- damp hair into a style that's far more glamorous. Josephine Baker's signature flapper girl style is the ultimate example of flawless wet-look hair. You can find a modern take on slicked-back hair from the catwalk here - just don't forget to invest in hair gel. Vivien Leigh, as Scarlet O'Hara in Gone With The Wind, always looked radiant with her loose curls - and this look is particularly good for summer as frizz is encouraged.

Follow the actress' example and roll-back the hair closest to your face to frame it. Sleek, peek-a-boo waves were Veronica Lake's signature hairstyle and will make your locks look super shiny and healthy. Use lots of shine spray and a straightening iron rather than curlers to recreate the style. The original pin-up girl, Bettie Page was known for her short, blunt fringe, which would still look modern today.

Steal an old-school Hollywood hairstyle

If you're tempted, here's everything you need to know before getting a fringe cut in. Brigitte Bardot was famous for her textured bedhead styles and this look is also a practical hot weather option, as it keeps your tresses off your neck. Audrey Hepburn knew how to achieve a flawless up-do and none is more famed than her elegant beehive in Breakfast At Tiffany 's. Whether you choose to adorn your hair with a statement accessory this summer is up to you. If you want to go short this season, your ultimate inspiration has to be Twiggy's sleek pixie crop that kick-started her modelling career in the '60s.

Cornrows and other types of braids can be a practical and chic way to style your hair throughout the summer, by keeping it off your face. Be inspired by the actress Cicely Tyson. To get hair like a Charlie's Angel , we recommend you use plenty of volumising mousse, teamed with some backcombing and loose waves that flick out. The definition of s power hair.

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This often copied look has never gone out of style. An elegant contrast from the short bobs that rose to popularity during this decade, Old Hollywood Waves gave silver screen starlets an unmistakable sense of style. These dramatic waves are incredibly stylish, allowing them to look just as appropriate for a night on the town as they are for walking the red carpet.

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  4. Get the Look: Vintage Hair Roll Tutorial.

Finger waves originally required women to secure their hair in place while wet so it would dry in a distinct pattern. While this may sound easy, it is a very tricky technique that takes lots of practice to perfect. Luckily, curling irons and other heated devices make this look much easier to accomplish today.

Once you have created the perfect waves, be sure to create a deep side part for an authentic take on this hairstyle.

This glam vintage look pairs perfectly with a bold red lip and your most fashionable gown. Or, add a s inspired hair accessory to give a literal nod to the Roaring Twenties. However you style yourself, wearing Old Hollywood Waves is sure to make your look feminine, feel powerful, and walk a little taller everywhere you go.

In the s, everyone wanted long, flowing locks like Victoria Lake. World War II, however, changed everything.

Create Easy Vintage Hairstyles

As men left for war, society was greatly altered, and more and more women began entering the workforce. Women who worked in factories or other hazardous work environments were urged to wear their hair in ways that kept it secured and away from their faces as a safety precaution, giving birth to one of the most iconic vintage hairstyles in the s — the Bumper Bangs. Despite their surprisingly utilitarian beginnings, there is perhaps no vintage hairstyle more distinct than Bumper Bangs. Even in the modern era, we associate this hairstyle with the rebellious, coquettish pinup girls from this period.

Now, Bumper Bangs have a delightfully retro vibe that is perfect for pin-up photo shoots or alternative styles.

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  3. Classic Vintage Waves!

To create this easy vintage hairstyle, simply curl your bangs and roll them underneath themselves, securing them with hair pins. For added volume, an actual foam roll can be hidden beneath them to create even more of a statement. Pair this hair style with high waisted denim shorts and a red bandana for a stylish pinup look that would make Bettie Page proud. Rest assured that you will be making an excellent choice by styling your pastel locks through a vintage example.

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Be open-minded when it comes to accessories too! It seems as if braids began gaining popularity after the 50s. Be that as it may, you can always make your braids have retro shine by adding vintage accessories. Last but not least, a wavy updo can be the perfect idea for displaying your vintage style preferences. To sum up, vintage hairstyles will never narrow your options to just a handful of ideas.

Quite the contrary; you can select any iconic hairstyle from the last century for a fabulously vintage look. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Easy Classic Old Hollywood Waves HAIR Tutorial - Rita Hayworth Inspired

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